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How to prepare for your Bridal Hair and Makeup Trial

Whether you’re nervous about having someone do your hair and makeup or unsure about how you want to look, a bridal trial is the best opportunity for you to preview and perfect your wedding day look.

1. Be consistent about your skincare routine.

Makeup by Beauty Vibes Artistry

Make sure you are keeping up with the basics of removing your makeup daily, cleansing, toning, and moisturizing with the right products for your skin type. If you are still having skin concerns, book an appointment with an esthetician that specializes in getting the results you need (example acne, dark spots.) The better your skin looks, the better your makeup will be!

2. Get your eyebrows done, whatever that means for you.

Makeup by Beauty Vibes Artistry, Photo by Leah Goetzel Photography

If you’re not comfortable with tweezing them on your own, get them threaded or waxed a week or so before your appointment. Don’t forget about your other facial hair too.

3. Look through a lot of hair and makeup photos, then narrow it down to just 2-3.

Makeup by Beauty Vibes Artistry

Once you start getting rid of some, you’ll notice a pattern in the style you like. Maybe you realize you love a natural but still glam look, like our signature style. These photos will be so helpful for your hairstylist and makeup artist to be able to point out what you like.

4. Along with bringing any accessories you’ll be wearing on the day of the wedding, make sure you have photos of your dress and colors!

Hair and Makeup by Beauty Vibes Artistry, Photo by Titus Moye Photography

Every one of us has our unique sense of style, so it’s important to give your artist a good sense of yours.

5. Do not be afraid to speak out and voice your opinion throughout the appointment!

Makeup by Beauty Vibes Artistry, Photo by Red Rad Creative

The bridal trial is all about finding the perfect wedding day look, and that can’t be done without your help. Tell your glam team what you like or don’t, so you can leave feeling happy and confident.

6. Take photos of your look throughout the day and pay attention to how you look!

Hair and Makeup by Beauty Vibes Artistry

Give your hair and makeup artists feedback after your trial so that they are able to make changes if necessary.

The key to your bridal trial is being prepared and honest with your beauty team! Experienced bridal hairstylists and makeup artists are committed to making you look and feel beautiful. Use these tips to make the most out of your time before your wedding day!

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