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What every bride should know about booking their hair and makeup bridal trial

Tampa Boho Wedding, Photo by Rad Red Creative, Makeup by Beauty Vibes Artistry

You should look for professionals that specialize in bridal. Wedding hair and makeup is different than going to the salon for a blowout or getting a quick makeup application. You need long lasting styles and people who will travel to you, which is what a bridal hair and makeup artist has spent their career doing.

As soon as you have your venue, dress, and photographer, you have all the information you need to start reaching out to bridal beauty pros! Look for artists that have work close to what you would want. By beginning this process early on, you can get a quote on what the rates will be, and how soon that artist is booked out. Schedule a trial 3-4 months before your date so that your skin and hair are as close to what they will be like on your wedding day.

Be prepared as possible and share as much visuals as you can with your artists. There’s a good chance you don’t personally know each other, so painting the picture of what you like and of wedding day is the best way to show your hair and makeup artists your style. Have some photos of how you do your own makeup, pics of looks you like, your dress, and bring your veil! Any type of accessories you know you’ll be wearing would be nice to bring too.

You can get the most out of a bridal trial by scheduling it the same day as engagement photos or another event so you can really put your look to the test, and show off!

Photo by Brittany Borders Photography, Hair and Makeup by Beauty Vibes Artistry

You have homework after your trial. Take photos throughout the day, look at yourself in different lighting, and pay attention to any areas where you notice changes (like getting oily.) Give your team feedback so that they can make any adjustments that will help perfect your look before your wedding day!

Photo by Gabrielle Henry Photography, Makeup by Beauty Vibes Artistry

We hope these notes made you feel more confident in booking your hair and makeup trial!

If you are looking for a hair and makeup artist, schedule a FREE bridal consultation, and let's talk about your wedding day!



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